Summer’s End

Labor Day has come and gone and from the looks of the elementary school across the street, school is back in session.

But even before the kids rushed back with excitement, we were already getting a hint of autumn.  Which really wasn’t a surprise, considering those of us with gardens are watching mid-September closely, which is when we average our first frost of the year.

Cool, dry, crisp, gorgeous air.

The kind of air that makes the sky vibrant, day or night.

Speaking of night, they have been so nice that Goddess and I have taken to sleeping out on our deck, watching the stars and the Milky Way traverse the sky.  We talk until we fall asleep, then wake up to see how the patterns have changed, then wake up again when the star closest to us is visible.

It’s a great way to spend a night together.

But these aren’t the stars.  That’s for another time.  Here’s some of the local scenery, taken last November when Goddess and I flew out here from Germany to decide if this is where we wanted to plant roots for a bit of time.

It’s a bit more humid in November than it is now.  So we’ll have a few more storms, some rain/snow and some broken clouds to give some drama to the landscape.

I can’t wait!

Backlit Oak

I keep an eye on this oak, since it’s just 10 miles outside of town, up a windy mountain road.  I’ve yet to ride my bicycle up that road, but that will happen by year’s end.

And likely I’ll catch the perfect light on this tree.

With my camera sitting at home.


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