Today, thanks to social media, we were introduced to this video of our last home, Heidelberg, Germany.

In the middle of the most phenomenal city, chock full of history and character, was a US military community, established after World War II.  That community was why we were there.

But Heidelberg, and the surrounding Germany communities and people, were what made it home for the Goddess and I.

Here is the video.  Goddess and I cannot get through it with a dry eye.  We miss the place and our friends, nay, our family, there that much.

If you don’t watch the video, that’s understandable.  Especially if you don’t have that personal connection.

But trust me, when these are the views on your weekly Monday morning run, the place grows on you.

Heidelberg Dusting, Heidelberg, Germany
Altebrucke Morning, Heidelberg, Germany

To have been lucky enough to live in a town full of history filled with the Hohenstaufen’s, Martin Luther and the Reformation, as well as Mark Twain and the 150 years since, was nothing but a blessing for us.

Visit if you can.


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