St John

A friend of mine shared an inspirational picture from one of our favorite spots in Europe, the Charles Bridge in Prague, the Czech Republic.

It’s a pic that would only be possible if you lived there and were able to approach the scene at all times, in all seasons.

We had less than 24 hours.  And this is what I was able to get on a spring noon.

St John

An absolutely gorgeous city, chock full of history.

One where I’d love the opportunity to shoot every day of a year.


6 thoughts on “St John”

    1. The entire historical section of Prague is impressive. Amazing architecture and scenery no matter what direction you look.

      Thank you for visiting and commenting!

  1. Lovely shot! I too had limited time and opportunity on a visit to Prague last year but took a whole different approach – the joys of photography! (Search ‘Prague’ on my blog if you want to have a look.)

    1. Noeline,

      Prague is definitely a city that needs to be experienced in all seasons, for several days at a time. Hopefully we’ll get back some day.

      Thanks for stopping by! Bill

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