Perseid Constellations

You might remember Backyard Perseid from the other day.

That was a one-off shot, one 20-second exposure out of four hours worth of continuous shooting.  That came out to 552 images.  All taken while we slept.

I started working on the star trails, but it just wasn’t working out the way I wanted it.  Mainly, the trails were coming out way too bright and any attempt to minimize them just looked wrong.  Plus, the seven or so meteorites that tracked across this view were lost in the trails.  Granted, most were so faint that I’d be surprised if we had noticed them if we were viewing directly. but even the bright one in Backyard Perseid was almost lost in the trails.

No good.

So here’s my happy medium.  I’m not entirely pleased with it, but that’s just motivation to keep trying.

Perseid Constellations
Perseid Constellations

The trails comprise the time frame from 10:35:18pm on Monday, August 12th to 2:33:22am on Tuesday, August 13th.  That’s when the camera batteries were completely drained.

The final image, which is where you see all of the focused stars, is from that last image at 2:33:22am.

The bright meteorite in the bottom half is from 10:44:50pm.  It won’t show here, but there’s another meteorite, very faint, just above and to the left in that same frame.

And after the recent spate of star images I’ve posted, I received this comic frame, which I think is very appropriate.


So which is your preference?  The solo frame of the meteorite with the Milky Way?  Or the composite with the star trails and meteorite?


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