Mirror Image

Sunrise warming the walls of Crater Lake.

Mirror Image

The nice little “Easter egg” for this image was the patches of snow down on the water’s edge, midway between Wizard’s Island and the right edge of the frame.

Mind you, this was taken on July 22nd.  They do get a lot of snow here.

Unfortunately, about a week after this image was taken, the forest fires started.  Nothing is directly threatening Crater Lake, but there are three separate large fires within 60 miles (100km) to the west of the lake.  And the prevailing winds carry the smoke to the lake.  So I imagine it’s not such a pretty sight up there.

Locally, we’ve felt the effects too.  There have been mornings where we’ve been lucky to see to the end of the block, which is less than 300′ (100m) away.  Some days our best course of action was to stay inside with all of the windows and doors closed tight.  But we’ve still felt the burning in our eyes.

Luckily, the pattern shifted on Friday and we’ve had three days of fairly clear conditions.

We’re optimistic that it will last, but pragmatic that it will return.  Especially since the fires will likely last until the first good rains of autumn.


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