Winner, winner, chicken dinner

For those of you following the blog on at least a semi-consistent basis, you might know that I entered a photo contest held by the local newspaper, Medford’s Mail-Tribune.

No prizes, just a chance to get published in the local paper.

There were four categories relating to the Oregon Outdoors – People’s Choice, where I asked for your help pushing my photo up to the top, and three editor’s choice categories – Wildlife, Landscape and People in Nature.

Although I’m not sure how the final tally for the People’s Choice will work out, looking at the voting web page after voting closed showed my Charioteer sitting at #2.  Out of 342 entries.  That’s pretty humbling.  Thank you!!!  😀

The surprise was the phone call I received on Monday.  Apparently the editors liked my Sparks SUP photo enough that they declared me the winner of the People in Nature category!

Sparks SUP

So on Tuesday I did a phone interview with the editor.  Click here for the story.

Again, thank you all for your support!

Now get out there and enjoy your weekend.

Preferably Outdoors.


But if you must spend a portion of the weekend indoors, perhaps you’d like to follow my new Facebook page.  I will post items there that will not appear in this blog (don’t worry Mom & Dad, I’ll share anything with you some other way).


From now until August 31st, 2013, use the code BAPLaunch when you check out at billandersphoto and save 25% on pre-shipping costs. Thank you for your support!



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