Moonset over Crater Lake

We are quite smoked in right now, as there are large forest fires to our northwest and the daily afternoon wind brings the smoke directly to us.

So no clear skies.  We may have to make a trip to find some fresh air.

Here’s a movie from last week’s overnight session at Crater Lake.  This was the scene that drove the trip, the moon setting over Wizard Island.

This time laps covers the eight minutes leading up to the moon setting.  I wanted to let it go until sunrise so you could see the sun start to touch the crater walls on the far side, but that just wasn’t going to happen.

As you’ll see, there are many black moving objects in the frame.  Those were mosquitoes that discovered us about 30 minutes before moonset.  By the time this movie was filming, I was working the cameras by a simple mosquito-avoidance technique – press the shutter, run up the road about 50 feet, run across the road to the opposite shoulder, run back to across from the cameras, then run up to press the shutter button.  Repeat.

So I got a bit of a workout.

Goddess and Skinny hung out in the car, but the pests managed to work their way inside too.  So what was meant to be a serene, zen-like experience was not quite what we hoped for.

But it was still amazing to watch.

No post-processing, since I’m really not a video guy.  But now I know to turn off the neutral density filter, which was causing the stepping down throughout the video.

It did an OK job of capturing the colors.  In real life, the pinks and blues were so much more vibrant.  I’ll get a shot up here soon.


And just as a reminder, voting is still going on until Friday for the people’s choice award.  If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, please read here.  And thank you for your support!

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