Contest Help

Friends and loyal readers, a departure from the norm today, with a mid-day post and no new pictures.  I’m just asking for a little bit of help.

No, it does not involve money.

It’s a photo contest.  The local newspaper, the Medford Mail-Tribune, is holding a photo contest with the theme “Oregon Outdoors”.  I’ve been shooting a fair bit of that lately, so I’ve thrown my hat in the ring.

And that’s where I need your help, since they are running a “People’s Choice” category as well as their own “Editor’s Picks”.

So that’s where you, the people, come in.

I need your votes!

These are the three pictures that I’ve entered:

Sparks SUP
Lava Fields

Voting has started, and of the 342 images submitted, my three are sitting firmly in the middle of the top 24.

With your help, they could get nudged higher.

But I will admit, there may be a downside to voting – you have to register with a unique e-mail address in order to vote.  If that turns you off from voting, I do understand.  But if it doesn’t, thank you for your help.

If you click on any of those three images, the website will open in either a new tab or new window, depending on how you have your browser configured.

Once registered, the easiest way to find me is do a filtered search for “BillA“.  Or you can change the sort order to “Most Votes” and I should be there on the front page.

<  edit >  You can vote for up to three pictures.  Unfortunately, you have to do it one at a time.  But there are some excellent images there, so have fun browsing the collection.  < /edit >

Perhaps you’re asking “what does Bill get out of it”?  If picked in either category, “People’s Choice” or “Editor’s Choice”, the winning pic will be published in the local paper.  That’s it.  No cash prizes, no parade down main street, no nationally televised acceptance speech.  Just the fun in seeing a photo printed in the paper.

Thank you!

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