Merced Float

What an idyllic way to spend the day.

In church.

Nature’s cathedral.

I think that Goddess now understands what I’ve been saying all these years.

Floating on the Merced River with Upper Yosemite Falls in the background

I must say that the vibrant greens in the valley that day were almost ridiculous.  I actually pulled them back a bit in this image, as well as the others I shot that day.  They were just so garishly neon-like that it looks unbelievable.

Even though that’s the way it was.

Have you been?


4 thoughts on “Merced Float”

  1. Wow! Just wow! What an amazing place. I’ve only been to the East Coast and yours and Marianne’s photos this past year from the West Coast have made my travel bone itch! 🙂

    1. You know you have a place to stay. Even if it’s just a base station from which to jump.

      Although I would love to be your tour guide.

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