Desert Clouds

One of the joys that I’ve had over the last several months, since Goddess and I moved back to the US, is introducing her to the western landscape.  You see, Goddess grew up in the midwest and did most of her traveling on that side of the “hills” (meaning anything east of Colorado’s front range).  Other than one single road trip after we got engaged, she had not experienced the west.

Since that trip, Goddess has traveled with me pretty much all over the world.  There are just a handful of countries that I have visited that she has not.  But the western US is still foreign to her.

So we’ve been on the road, letting her get a look around and letting me look at places that I used to live in and experience as a kid.  She knew that before we moved here.

Truth be told, she had always been a tolerant passenger on long road trips.  Mostly because when you’re traveling the interstate and highway system out east, it’s mostly what we call “tree tunnels”.  The roads have been cut through large swaths of trees, or trees have been planted along the highways for whatever reason.  So the scenery rarely changes.  Miles and miles, hours and hours, of trees.

And from what she had heard about the desert west, it was miles and miles of “nothingness”.

She now knows that’s just wrong.

That those that complain about the nothingness are just not looking.

She knows that the scenery is constantly changing – the tones, the colors, the shapes, the focus.

And now, when we’re driving through a tree tunnel, it’s a bit different, since it’s deep into a national forest.  And the scenery in the forest changes constantly.

Of course, it’s always nice when the clouds cooperate.

Desert Clouds

For you desert fans out there, where is your favorite spot, anywhere in the world?


4 thoughts on “Desert Clouds”

  1. Oh, this is a beautiful shot… and I’m so happy for the Goddess that she has this opportunity… and for you too, Bill, that you have the opportunity to accompany her.

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