Jurassic Pathway

I’m not going to post the images from our trip chronologically.  It’s easy to do, but I’m processing the images as they strike my fancy.

If you have not stood in a grove of Redwood trees, you are missing an existential experience.  To stand amongst trees that are almost 2,000 years old and over 300 feet tall is a great way to feel small.

Although I do not have anything in this image to give you a sense of scale, trust me when I say that an adult can stand upright in the hollow center of that fallen tree.  Click here to see an image of a few ladies standing in/on the tree.

The other end, some 45 feet away, was cut to make room for the road known as the Avenue of the Giants.  The cut end was approximately 7-8 feet in diameter.

Avenue of Giants, Humbolt Redwoods State Park, California

Another pop culture reference – parts of Return of the Jedi and Jurassic Park were filmed in these forests.

Lighting – As with most locations, early or late in the day is ideal for taking photographs.  We got here midday, just before noon, so it was a very contrasty situation, with very bright sunlit areas and very dark shadows.  The tree was deep in shadow.  But thanks to Goddess, my VALS, we were able to get enough light on the tree to balance out the scene and make it visible.

Otherwise I would have had to stack exposures and come up with one of those ghastly HDR images.

I prefer to do it this way.


5 thoughts on “Jurassic Pathway”

  1. I know what you’re talking about, Bill. Have hiked in those forests, have spent long hours propped up against one of those trees… sometimes reading and sometimes listening to the sounds of the forest. It is quite an experience.

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