Red, White and Blue

Goddess and I just returned from an eight day trip around the western US.

It was a trip of contrasts, from the garishness of Las Vegas to the pure silence of Death Valley.

From the heat of Death Valley to the relative frigidness of the north coast of California.

From the demoralizing crush of humanity in Yosemite to the blissful isolation in a Redwood grove.

But each experience was worthy of reflection.

Red, White & Blue

Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

4 thoughts on “Red, White and Blue”

  1. This is such a gorgeous picture, Bill, and for me it is as American as the stars and stripes, and well worthy of a salute. It is sad to hear of the ‘demoralizing crush of humanity in Yosemite’, because I know that beautiful land, and hiked there in the 50s, and came back to visit again in the mid 90s, and already I was shocked by the crush of tourists. It just wasn’t the same place anymore, and there were fences everywhere you went. I can imagine that things have only gotten worse since then.

    1. Thank you, Shimon. This park was a first for me, although the features were not, since I have done some traveling through Utah. But it is still astounding to see such colors in nature.

      Yosemite is an interesting paradox. The fences are still there, as are plenty of signs with pictures to tell folks what is allowed and what isn’t. But our observation of the majority of the folks is that the signs are meant for everyone except them. If they wanted a picture lying in the grass of a fragile meadow, they would walk past the sign or around the fence to do it. They were there to enjoy nature’s display, but thought nothing about trampling over it for their selfish desires.

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