I was going to follow up last night’s California poppy post with another view of the same bunch.  But that will have to wait.

The purple iris’ bloomed today.

I happened to notice with just a few minutes of sunlight left.

Good thing they make external flashes, since I was able to extend my shooting to past sunset and actually create the light that I wanted.


Why the name?  I learned to surf at an early age and have been able to, off and on, over the decades.  It never leaves me, especially when I’m near water, mentally surfing waves and ripples of all sizes.  So seeing shapes like this take me back to those moments, looking at a wave as it curls over, rushing to the shore.  Also, the tones are reminiscent of sunsets and beaches and the tropics.


And for those of you interested in the lighting (Strobist) info: A single Canon 580EX II set on the ground ~24″ directly below, triggered by a Pocketwizard MiniTT1/AC3 combo on the camera and TT5 on the flash, using the AC3 to manually dial the flash down to 1/64th power.  There may have been a bit of natural light bleedover from the right, but it’s not apparent.  Sunset had been about 10 minutes prior, so the only available light was cool and failing rapidly.

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