Early Morning

We’re still getting settled into our new home, spending a significant portion of our days outside, working the lawn and our large raised bed garden.  Last frost isn’t typically for another six weeks, but we’re doing everything we can now to make sure that we have a bountiful harvest this year.  It’s good fun.

Plus, chasing after all of the dandelions is addictive.  We call it our “crack addiction”.  It seems like every time we walk out the front or the back, there are 2 or 3 new blooms.  Which leads to the discovery of 20-30 new plants that we’ve walked over.  We’ve got ~40lbs of dandelions in our green bin, which goes to the landfill to make compost.  We keep the weeds out of our own compost bin, since we just won’t have the volume to generate the heat we’d need to kill off the seeds.

But I digress.

We are quite pleased with the house we found to rent, as it is within walking and cycling distance of all of the shops in town.  That means we are now on track to only need to fill the car up once a month.  If that.  Plus, since the front door faces due south and the back doors and deck face due north, we have great views of the mountains and hills in all directions.

In the morning, as I sip on my coffee and watch the professional cycling races in Europe, I can lean a bit to one side, look out the window and see this, looking towards the northeast.

Cloudy MorningCloudy morning

That was this (Thursday) morning.  This past Monday, there was a fresh blanket of snow on the furthest mountains, deep enough that it didn’t melt off until yesterday afternoon.

Luckily it’s still the cool season.  I am not looking forward to the leaves filling in that out of focus tree in the foreground.  It will block a fine view.

When that happens, I’ll just walk to the living room.  From there I can see the sun caressing the mountain peaks to the south, including the local ski mountain.  This time of year the mountain is only open a few days a week, but I can at least look and dream about carving turns.  And once the spring warmth melts the snow on the trails, I will look forward to riding my bicycle up to the summit.  And loving the payoff of the descent.

Wherever you are, hopefully the weather is comfortable and the views are good.

2 thoughts on “Early Morning”

  1. Sounds like you have a truly wonderful place to call home. It was hard for me to guess what was blocking our scene through the window. I suppose it was some kind of curtain. Made it interesting, but I don’t know if it really added to the picture. Here it is still raining, a little later than we’re used to. Best wishes to all.

    1. Shimon,

      We do have a wonderful place to call home.

      The foreground out of focus element is a neighbor’s tree, two yards over. I’d wander over to ask if he’d be kind enough to cut it down so we could enjoy the view year round, but I doubt that would go over so well. The tree is now filling in with leaves, so we’ll lose this view pretty quick. I’m not happy about that, but it’s the change of the seasons. Instead, we’re now looking down, working the lawn and gardens heavily. We look forward to the bounty.

      We’re quite warm here now, reaching 27C. Although that won’t last. We’re looking to be down to -3 for a low early next week. Of course, Goddess and I have just put several plants in the garden. But we knew this was the risk and we’ll deal with it.

      Our best to you and Noga!

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