(that’s German for “snow”).

We’ve had several days of dustings in the past week, sometimes a bit more accumulation.  Which immediately makes me realize that we’ve actually been living on a tropical island for the past four years.

That’s the only explanation for the way people are driving now.  As if it’s never snowed here before.

Internal dialogue (not mine) – “zOMG, there’s snow off the sides of the roadway.  My brake and accelerator pedals have suddenly swapped positions”.

External dialogue (mine) – “Seriously?  We must drive 25kph (15mph) on a straight level road because there’s snow in the fields”  (expletives omitted).

I sure do miss riding my bicycle in this stuff.

And laughing at all the fools on the road.


Church of the Holy Spirit View

Overlooking Heidelberg, looking west along the Neckar River.

We’ve never spent the time to walk up the stairs to this view.  Luckily we had good friends in town this weekend and we set out to experience new things.


6 thoughts on “Schnee”

  1. I lived in Heidelberg for 10 wonderful years — not far from where you snapped this lovely, snowy scene. The views from the Holy Ghost Church are wonderful, aren’t they? My husband and I went up there most recently in the autumn of 2011, when the hills were sporting their finest autumn hues. It’s nice to see the city dressed in snow again. 🙂

    1. Tricia – it’s certainly a gorgeous view. And 2011 was better than 2012, as far as color goes. The green held on too long this year, then it all dropped. But before that, there was snow!

      Fall colors with a winter blanketPhilosophenweg overlooking Heidelberg, Germany.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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