Just a random image.

Actually, one that has bugged me for the 18 months since I took it.  Mainly because the processing never got the colors right.

And I did not want to take the “easy” way out and go B&W.  Even though making it right in B&W would take a significant amount of time; not exactly easy.  But with the help of the new processing available in Lightroom 4 (and Photoshop CS 6), I was able to keep it looking natural while giving it the detail it deserved.

This is a dust devil crossing through an Afghani village south of Kabul.  North of Ghazni.

Although it could be Ghazni.

Viewed from 18,000′ (5,500m) above sea level, or about 6,000′ (2,000m) above ground level, from the cockpit of a C-130.


For those of you wondering, PO (click the link, then search for Table 4678) is the World Meteorological Organization code for dust devil.

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