Luther’s Storm Clouds

Quite a bit of movement in the home right now, not leaving much time or energy to get out and shoot.  But no matter, there is plenty of years in the archives from which to pull.  Although this is not too old.

As Goddess and I prep the house to move back to the States, we often think about what we will miss most about living in Europe.  Trust me, there is is a lot.  For me, the history is astounding.  It always is, no matter where we go, but to have the luxury of living in the epicenter of the sites key to the Protestant Reformation has been unique and eye-opening.

It just was not something that I put too much thought into before.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, it is very difficult to deny the impact on world culture that Martin Luther had.

On this day in Worms, I was just glad that the clouds played their part to give this statue the moodiness that it deserved.

Luther’s Storm Clouds

So this is an early post today.  The landlords are showing the house to prospective tenants and we have to tidy up.  It is amazing how cluttered a house gets while getting ready to move.

Especially when going through boxes that have not been unpacked from the last move almost four years ago.


4 thoughts on “Luther’s Storm Clouds”

  1. European history is truly fascinating – and there’s so much of it. The more I travel and learn the more I realise how little I know but it’s incredibly interesting finding it all gradually clicking into place.
    I really like the contrast in this scene. This, combined with the DOF makes Luther positively leap out of the image – not bad for a seated statue!

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