Out with the old…

…definitely in with the new this coming year.

It will be interesting.

Unlike tonight for Goddess and I, which will be a quiet New Year’s Eve here in Germany.

Yeah right.

This place will look like a war zone for a good hour or so after midnight.  And it’s great fun to get out there and watch the kids literally burn through hundreds of euro worth of fireworks (each!).

But between now and then, great company, great food and great beverage with dear friends.

And if I introduced you to this scotch this year, you’re welcome!

Three Wood

And if I haven’t, consider yourself introduced and go out and try some, if you like.

And if you make it up to Glasgow, Scotland, hop on the westbound train, hop off at Dalmuir and enjoy the short walk to the distillery.  It’s a great show (with tastings).

We’ll sip on a bit of this and enjoy Dinner for One before the fireworks (search for the video.  It’s a classic.  I can’t link it here, since they’ve blocked it for copyright reasons here in Germany).

Goddess and I wish you a merry New Year!

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