A Flash…

…from the past.

And a flash from a different angle.

Tonight we had an impromptu evening with the neighbors.

A great time.

It also meant that I sat in a chair that I rarely sit in, other than to get kitted up for my bicycle commute in the morning.

But I rarely look around at that hour.

So tonight I was sitting there, enjoying the company and looking at the photos on the wall.

Here’s one from just over seven years ago.

Gion, Kyoto, Japan.

Hands down, still one of our favorite cities in the world.  Especially in autumn.

A place that Goddess and I have seriously discussed moving to and settling until our last days.

It touches us that much.

So this pic, 14×20″, matted to 20×26″ and framed, hanging on the wall, holds a special place in our heart.

She’s a real maiko, in training to be a geisha.  Headed out for an evening of entertaining.

We stood across the street from her home, a training center for aspiring geisha.

We stalked like paparazzi.

As soon as this young lady emerged from the doorway, dozens of flashes popped as she strode stoically to the waiting cab.

I lucked into the right angle, with just enough flash to not overpower the overpowered flash of someone to my left.

Perfect timing.

And likely for the person to my left, an overexposed image.


A geisha fan forum did some research soon after I posted this photo on the web and there was much debate on the identity of this specific maiko.

It was all very interesting, but not as interesting as the culture and hope that her presence portrays.


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