Quite a nice place…

…to wake up in.

Goddess and I were on the road this week.  A wide loop through Bavaria, Austria, Italy and Switzerland.  A route filled with landscapes that we love.

Plus this new one, which Goddess had never visited.

And acknowledged that it is not a bad place in which to wake up.

Menaggio Morning
Menaggio Morning

We even discussed the feasibility of my staying there while she drove up to Germany to “rescue” Skinny, our greyhound, while I looked for a place to live.

Never mind the fact that we would have to live like paupers here.

But it was still an interesting exercise.

That is the view of Lago Como (Lake Como), Italy, looking southward on the western shores from Menaggio.

It was a glorious morning, clear and +5C.  The roads were full of cyclists and runners, the shoreline full of fishermen, the cafés filling with patrons as they got ready for church.

Our kind of place.

Especially considering that some four hours later, we were exiting the north end of the Gotthard Tunnel in Switzerland, where it was snowing at a rate of 4 inches per hour (10cm/hr) and visibility at best was 100 meters.

Although we could adjust there just fine.

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