Mail Call

Fun day for prints in the mail today.

One mine.  Another not.

Mine is one of my personal favorites.  Even more so now that it’s a 16×20″ mounted metallic print.  The metallic finish just makes it pop!  Even Goddess’s first word was “Wow!”.


If you click the image (as with most other pics of mine on this blog), it will take you to my web page where you can purchase the image, if you’d like.

Speaking of purchasing prints, I am a believer is supporting those that create work that grabs me.

Also in the mail today is print #1 of a limited run of 30.

12×12″.  In colors just as gorgeous as this image.

Untitled, 284/365
© Kyle Thompson

Kyle has been working on a personal project this year, a self-portrait every day for an entire year.  The weight of the project is starting to wear on him, although it does not show in his offerings.

Click on the image to go to his web page.  If you find something you like, support the young man.

Now get out there and find something that inspires you.


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