Needle Redux

I do like the opportunity to reshoot an image that I had taken years prior.

It’s even better if that location is far away.

In this case, about a 10 hour flight away.

Plus 6.5 years.

It helped that the weather was different for each.

Overcast and gray then, partly cloudy and punchy now.

July 30th, 2006:

Purple Needle

November 14th, 2012:

Needle EMP

It’s amazing what a little bit of texture in the sky will do for an image.

This is the typical shot of the Needle.  I had to jostle amongst half a dozen other photographers to frame the shot above as I wanted it.  But I wasn’t worried.  I knew I could squeeze out a decent one.

Even blind squirrels find nuts once in a while.

This was to be the capper for the day, one where Goddess and I walked around and through Seattle, mainly via back alleys and side streets.

It’s more interesting that way.

A day where I crafted an impromptu project, images of the Needle from various angles and distances, all framed by the city in one way or another.

Likely not your typical views.

I’ll get them posted eventually.


3 thoughts on “Needle Redux”

  1. wow – I thought that first photo was some kind of awesome building art until I saw the second picture. Both very nice but the first picture is the best for me!

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