The German word for “art”.

Well, you can be the judge.

But the title comes courtesy of three school-aged girls who were walking by as I framed and took this shot.

“Das Haus ist Kunst”!

“The house is art”!

Followed by giggles.

I think they were right.


For me, the most interesting detail is the shadow.

In our part of Germany, between November and early March, we’re very happy to see the sun.

Very happy.

As it can be grey for weeks on end.

But it’s not that.  Look at that angle.

This picture was taken at 11:21am.  Almost noon.  Facing west.

When the sun was just 19.6 degrees above the southern horizon.

In another month, at the Winter Solstice, it will bottom out at just 16.0 degrees above the horizon.

That makes for long shadows and beautiful light all day long.

As long as we can see the sun.


And if you’re wondering where I’m getting the exact details on the sun, browse over to The Photographer’s Ephemeris, a nice application for desktop and portable use.

Using it, I now know that had I stood in the exact same place for another 5 hours and 13 minutes, the sun would have set about 3 degrees to the right of the furthest right roof peak.

Handy info.


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