Even though, after 3.5 years living here in Europe, we have grown accustomed to the insides of the churches and cathedrals (they do have a tendency to blur together after a few dozen), every once in a while there’s one that stands out.

For us, it was the altar of the Mannheim Jesuit Church.

Cast roses to form the shape, flower petals leafed with gold.

A pattern repeated in the 2 meter tall candelabra’s left and right.

And the pulpit just off frame left.

Quite beautiful, yet not overly ornate, as we have found in many other churches.

Mannheim Jesuitkirche

Click on the image to take you to a larger version – 1,706 pixels on the long end.

Still smaller than the 8,531 pixels of the original.


If you are curious, that’s a stitch of seven images.  24mm handheld, ISO 800, 1/60 @ f8.

And to get an idea of distortion, that’s a normal-sized bouquet of flowers, wrapped in plastic, sitting on the marble steps at the bottom of the image.  Just inches in front of my toes.  And the Eye of Providence within the circle at the top?  That was probably about two feet behind me, over my head.  Since I was shooting floor to ceiling, by the time I got to that part of the image, I was shooting up and back behind me.  So if you are standing directly below it, it’s perfectly centered within the circle; here you can get an idea of the depth of that part of the structure due to the parallax.


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