Point Break

After a few days in the mountains and in the city (Portland), it was time to head back to Seattle to catch our flight.

After we caught the Rush concert.

But instead of making the straight drive up, it was time to introduce Goddess to the Pacific coast.  She had only seen it from the western side, along the Japanese shore.  So she needed to see how it was different.

Once we reached Seaside, Oregon, we took the first left toward the ocean.  I was already pleased to see surf racks on the cars.

Out along the point, there was a consistent left-hander that looked to be at lease overhead when the sets rolled through.

Although it was hard to gauge head-high from our vantage point.  Especially since the surfers were wearing hoodies.

It’s cold water there.

But it was still fun to watch.

Point Break

6 thoughts on “Point Break”

  1. Beautiful shot!! I desperately want to retire to the OR coast some day, we visited a few years ago and it really blew my mind. I could live there and still not see every beautiful spot both inland and on the coast.

    1. Thank you!

      It is a wonderful place. And you are right, you could spend years canvassing just this area and still not see everything. But there is a whole wide world out there too!

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