Crater Lake Pano

Here is one style that I typically don’t post – a stitched image.

But sometimes that is the way the image needs to be done.

Even if it means letting the magic smoke out of the computer.  Luckily that did not happen, although for a few moments it seemed like the smoke may just be let out.

Crater Lake National Park, Oregon, USA.

If your monitor is wider that 1024 pixels, I suggest clicking on the image (which will open it in a new window/tab), then clicking on the image again.  It will fit to the width of your monitor on a black background, which is the best way to view it.  And unless you have a monitor wider than 3903 pixels, you still won’t see it full size.

Anyway, more tech geek stuff in a minute.

Goddess and I spent a fair bit of time at this rocky outcropping, thankful to have a large tree behind us blocking the gusty winds.  You can see the gust rings in the water below as the gusts coming over the summit would slowly mix their way down to the water, some 1,000′ below us.

The view was perfect for reflection.

Earlier that morning, we received some news that we had been anticipating.  We did not know what the news would be, but knew that it would be news.  Which is what we needed.  Once we got that news and watched a door close, we stepped through the opening door and this is what we saw.

Needless to say, it was not bad news.

Although some may think so.

For another few moments, we paused to remember.

And give thanks.

At that same moment, a good friend was on the other side of the country, at Arlington National Cemetery, interring a dear uncle who had served his nation more than honorably.  We paused to take in the view, say a few words, perhaps a prayer or two, dropped some beverage on the dirt for those who could not share, then drank in their honor.

The location seemed very appropriate.

And the antifreeze was very much appreciated.


Technical geekery: This is an image stitched from 7 RAW images.  Before editing, those 7 layers make an image some 1.54GB in size.  After a few local edits (mainly contrast since the colors were already amazing), trying to save the resulting .psd led me to find that the limit for .psd’s is 2GB.  I had never run across that before.

So I did some research and decided to save as a .tif.  Those, too, have a file size limit of 4GB.  I wasn’t worried about that, so I saved.  That’s when the computer went wonky (and it’s not a computer wanting for capability).  After about 20 minutes of hard drive thrashing and multiple interesting but completely useless screen displays, I decided a hard reboot was in order.  Luckily, during that time, the .tif was completed and saved.  At a paltry 3.4GB, its mere existence in my Prints folder has consistently brought my computer to its knees.  I had to create a separate folder for just this image just so the computer wouldn’t try to render a preview every time I opened my Print folder.

Matter of fact, it took no less than five hard reboots and a few file moves in safe mode in order to be able to finish this post.


But if I were to print right off the bat, it would be 11×54″.


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