Winging It

Greenland Noon

Noon local time, at 39,000′ over Greenland.

Even we lost the direct sun in the airplane for a few hours.

That land below won’t see direct sun for several months.


Goddess and I just got home from an almost two week adventure back to the States.

It was a chance for me to introduce Goddess to the Northwest US.  Specifically Washington and Oregon.  Just to take a look around and see if it was a place she’d consider settling (for however long that means).

I think she may be sold.

But in those almost two weeks, the majority of time which we were disconnected from the interwebs, we managed to squeeze in quite a bit.

We glanced briefly at a door that shut, only to leap headlong through a door that was opening.

We raced the snow-laden clouds to the summit of Crater Lake, just so Goddess could watch in awe.

We looked at houses.  We looked at schools.

We looked at gorgeous fall colors.  Which were soon coated with a blanket of snow.

We sampled the local wines.  The very hoppy IPAs.  And excellent food.

We met with friends to explore Portland.

We ran with them, cheering one to their first-ever 10K finish.

Then shared our anniversary celebration with them by stuffing ourselves silly with incredible Peruvian fare.

Only to bid farewell once again after too short of a visit.

Then introduce Goddess to the coastline of Oregon and Washington.

Where we tried our best to wash down as many raw oysters as we could with as many different local beers as they would offer.

Only to arrive in Seattle with enough time to catch a quick nap, then catch up with a friend of some 15 years.  One whom we’ve had a chance to see only twice in the last 12 years, both times in Seattle.  The last was about 6.5 years ago for about three minutes, as we bumped into each other on the city bus.  Crossing paths as Goddess, the Boy and I were doing the tourist thing during an 18-hour layover and he was headed to a rock concert.

And we bid farewell once again, this time after the security checkpoint of a concert.  A band whom I’ve been a fan of for 30 years, but have never had a chance to see them.


What a great show.

Then a day of the touristy thing, although our idea of a touristy wandering through a city isn’t likely to be found in any guidebook.  Which is the way we like it.

Then dinner with more friends, whom we had not seen in a few years.  And they had plenty of pointers for us as we step through that open door.

A long flight back, in the opposite direction, except all in the dark, with Orion watching over us as we crossed back over Greenland.

Fighting jet lag, we now sit with anticipation of news of a new addition to friend’s family.

With a gazillion (plus 2) messages to get through.

And I may just have a picture or two to share.

So how has your past two weeks been?


Noon local time, at 35,000′ over Washington state.

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