HD Colors

Autumn has been here for a while.  Which makes me giddy, waiting for those few short days when the colors just sing.

We have had pockets here and pockets there, but none of the widespread goodness that for me is better than Christmas morning for a kid.

It’s very frustrating.

Over a full month into the season, we still have entirely too much green in the scenes.  Green trees right next to bare trees.

Trees that changed and shed in just a few week’s time.

Too fast.

If you’ll recall last weekend’s snow-capped Odenwald overlooking downtown Heidelberg, this is the exact opposite view.

HD Colors

And if you’ll recall the image of the snow-capped Odenwald, you’ll recall the fiery red tree in the left third of the frame.

In this image, if you look at the Heiliggeistekirche (Church of the Holy Spirit), which is directly in the center of this frame, follow the line up the steeple of the church.  From the tip of the steeple, angle right.  But not very far; no further than the width of the steeple.  You’ll see just 3-4 pixels of fiery red.  That’s the tree.

Regardless of my frustration with the slow appearance of peak color, today was a great day to spend with friends, some of whom we have not seen in a few years, some of whom traveled halfway around the world and were game to meet for a few hours when I know they would rather be sleeping.

Plus, we live in a place that gives us these views for free.

And that makes it grand!


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