Stunning Tree

Having studied and worked weather for the past 25+ years, I am watching Sandy approach the east coast of the United States with anticipation and trepidation.

Anticipation because any severe weather is always fascinating to those in my line of work.

Trepidation because Goddess and I have many, many friends in the path, already suffering the effects.  We worry about them.

Here in Germany, the weather is always much more benign.  But Germany’s weather is Germany’s weather.

We’ve run a bit cooler than normal this autumn, with a hard freeze this morning.

My morning bicycle commute ended up being -6C (23F).  Plenty chilly, but just fine with the right gear.

Because there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

Well, except for a tornado.  No clothing will help that.

So I thought back to the autumn shots that I’ve been able to take the past few weeks.  And how nice it is here.

The colors are gorgeous, but it’s not always about the colors.

Sometimes it’s about the lines, the tones, the textures.

Don’t get me wrong, the colors were gorgeous in this image.  A view that Goddess pointed out to me, literally over our heads, but I was too focused on looking forward.

And that meant I was missing a lot.

Stunning Tree

Sure, if you’d like, picture the tree a bright yellow and the sky a deep blue.  Because that’s what it was.

But still not as beautiful as all of the lines and shapes and swirls that make this image whole.


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