Philosophenweg Redux

We’ve had to wait a year to retake the shot.  It’s not quite there, but should be in a few days.

What shot?  This one.

It’s been pretty popular with the local crowd.  But there are many things I just don’t like about it.  So I’ve been waiting until this autumn to give it another go.

We had a nice little cold snap, with the morning lows getting down into the low single-digit Celsius.  That helped accelerate the change.  Better yet that it’s been absolutely gorgeous the last few days, with high temperatures in the 20-25C range.  It’s certainly our Indian Summer.

So Goddess convinced me last night that we should head back after work this Friday afternoon and give it a look.  It was a good idea, since many of the trees down here in the Rhine Valley have quickly changed and shed their leaves already.  But looking up into the hills, it has been pretty clear that the trees in the hills have not peaked yet.

But it is still a day by day thing.

So almost one year later, here is one of today’s images.  I’m still not satisfied with it, so we’ll give it a few more tries in the coming week, hopefully catching the colors near their peak.

Philosophenweg Fall Colors 2012

Compared to last year’s dull overcast, I was excited about the fact that we were getting a nice cirrus layer moving through.  At least it added some interest to the sky.

By the way, that’s Goddess sitting down there near the center.  I needed a bit of scale for the image, similar to last year.  That’s a component that I really enjoyed.  And we were shocked because there just weren’t too many people up there this afternoon.  Considering how gorgeous the weather was and the fact that the trees were starting to turn, I fully expected to have to elbow for a spot to set up the tripod.  But I was the only one there, save the occasional peering over my shoulder, then a click with a phone.

I wonder how those shots worked out.

My favorite part about this shot?  You can’t see it, but full sized, I can look at the clock on the Heiliggeistkirche (Church of the Holy Spirit, located just left of the three yellowing trees over Goddess’ left shoulder) and see that it’s 5:55 (pm).  That’s what I read.  Just to verify, I looked at the image’s EXIF data and see 5:57.  Not too shabby.

We’ll keep experimenting.  Perhaps you will see a few of them.


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