Wasserturm Feet

Goddess and I had a great first-time experience today.

We attended the local chapter of the Worldwide Photowalk Day.

The local chapter happened to be in Mannheim, Germany.  Which is just a few stops up the train line.  A place that I drive past several times a week.  But a place I’ve only been in less than a handful of times in the last 3.5 years.

Embarrassing, actually.

So the group of a dozen or so German photographers, along with me and the Goddess, met near the Wasserturm (Water Tower) in the Friedrichsplatz in the center of Mannheim.  It sure was a beautiful, perfect setting to let loose a bunch of photographers.

The weather cooperated too.  Cool, just at 10C (50F), with a slight breeze and a light overcast cirrus layer, which helped soften the light.

Nature’s soft box.

After a great welcome and explanation of the two rules (be safe and have fun), we were let loose to follow the course.  The worldwide rules for anyone wishing to compete for prizes are simple too – only pictures taken along the course and during the official hours of the local tour.

But above all, it was a great chance to socialize with some local (meaning they all live within 100km or so) photographers.  All were hobbyist photographers, just out to have a great day shooting.

I think we achieved that, although Goddess and I had to cut our trip short for another engagement, so we could not confirm.

Here is my entry into the contest, more for fun than anything.

Besides, who can resist free stuff?

Wasserturm Feet

This was taken just 10 minutes into the walk.

And I knew it would be my favorite, regardless of what happened in the next two hours.

And that held true.


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