A snapshot of Goddess and Skinny.

There’s only one piece of furniture that Skinny is allowed on.  And it happens to be the space that Goddess enjoys as she sits on the laptop.

I sit across the room at the desk, with the desktop.

I like laptops, but nothing beats a desktop and desk, with a large monitor, to process pictures.

So Skinny loves the couch, which we got free from a neighbor some 10 years ago.  A sleeper sofa that’s followed us around the world.

Even with the paint splashes down the back.  No bother.

He loves to curl up next to Goddess, who is his air.

His life’s breath.


Chopped liver.

Except that’s not true.  He’d gobble up chopped liver.

Most days, he does not even lift his head when I walk in the door.

But that’s OK.  I like having a few minutes to get settled.

So here he is, in his comfort zone.  Getting his life force while sleeping.


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