It was a long day at work today, a bit longer than normal.  But that’s OK.

Although Goddess may disagree.

I was winding things up, keeping an eye on the radar.

The watching slowed me down a bit.

Because the storms were coming.

And I had my bicycle commute home.

So by slowing down a bit, I was timing it so that I got caught in the rain.

Because it makes me smile.

That’s one of the benefits of spending a career watching the weather.  Determining that perfect moment to get outside.

Whether it be surfing, skiing or cycling.

Or, in this case, shopping.


But back to my perfectly timed commute.

I was out the door, about 1km from work when the first drops dripped.

Then a few more splatted.

Followed by a steady patter as I passed through the newly mowed farm fields.

Then the roar as I entered the forest and the skies opened.

Leaves whipping everywhere.

Slowly tapering off until it was just a light drizzle.


I’ll admit – I took a longer way home than normal.

Because I know where the dirt paths are.  The ones that collect the water quickly.

And get a bit muddy.

It is even better this time of year, a month before I typically mount the fenders on the commuter.  Guaranteed to sling that mud up.

So I sought out those dirt paths, much like speeding up and down the coast, looking for that perfect reef exposure to get the best waves.

There you have it.

My confession.

I was a few minutes longer than usual on my later than normal evening commute.

But I hope that my ear to ear grin when I walked in the door made up for it with Goddess.

3 thoughts on “Umbrellas”

      1. The season of holidays has just started… it goes on for about a month. But so far it has been as good as a dream… all goes well, thank you.

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