Geeking Out

Having fun processing images.

Geeking out.

Floored by the resolution of what is still my favorite lens, the Canon EF 50/1.8.  Not the Mark II, which is what’s available now with the plastic mount.  But the first model, what would be considered the Mark I with the metal mount.  Which was discontinued in 1990.

I’ve owned this lens for 22 years now.

And it still turns me on.

Here’s the overview shot.

Reaching for the Sun

A fun shot in and of itself.

I’m fond of it.

But not as fond as opening it up full-sized and roaming around.

Finding little nuggets like this

Sun Crop 1

Yes, there’s a bit of chromatic aberration there.  But it’s to be expected when the subject is in full sunlight and the background is in deep shadow.

Had I gone B&W with it, it’d be similar to going from Zone VIII to Zone II.

In other words, quite a bit of range.

But from where I stood, this photo is about 6.5 feet (2 meters) away.

Not shabby for a 50/1.8.

Perhaps that’s why it’s called the Nifty Fifty.

Here’s another full size crop, in a situation where there won’t be any chromatic aberration.

Sun Crop 2

Still, a good  2 meters away.

And you should see the stalks leading up to these spent cosmos heads.


Digging this deep into the image, which I don’t always do, reminds me of my darkroom days printing B&W.  Using a grain focuser, looking directly at each individual grain projected on the board, adjusting the bellows to get that maximum sharpness (if that’s what you wanted), before placing and exposing the paper.

Great fun!


3 thoughts on “Geeking Out”

    1. Me too, Katariina. With these, even more so that those peaceful summer days are rapidly coming to an end. It’s not a sadness, since autumn is my favorite season, no matter where I am in the world. It’s just a realization.

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