Backside Carve

Any chance I can watch some surfing, I’m there.

Although watching is a distant second to actually surfing.  And it has been a long time since that has happened.

Unfortunately, living here in Germany means that watching surfing is usually on the screen.  Except for this weekend, when Goddess and I were in Munich.

The hotbed of the German surf scene.


Backside Carve

It is a solidly consistent (i.e. 24x7x365) 1-2 footer, left or right, formed by some creative bottom shaping in a canal.  The canal, known as the Eisbach, is fed by the Isar River, flows underneath a portion of downtown Munich, then comes out right at the southern end of the English Gardens, where it provides the water backdrop for some beautiful topiary and architecture.  Further north, it flows back into the Isar.

It’s the perfect surf setup.  Everyone gets a wave.  You just have to wait your turn.  Once done, you walk back to the starting point.  Should you want to take a break, you reach down and take a swig of your beer (as many were doing this day), then hop on when you are ready.

And for those surfers wondering, the wave has enough power and provide ample opportunities to launch waist- to chest-high airs.

Just watch out for the concrete.

Although you will get thunderous applause from the hundred or so onlookers.

Whether you land it or not.


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