While it is a typical summer day here in Germany (cloudy, rainy, 16C), we are watching two other areas of the world with interest.

We are watching Tropical Storm Isaac closely, as it is forecast to strengthen into a hurricane as it heads directly towards friends and family.

I am also watching Typhoon Bolaven, since it is passing over some locations that are very near and dear to my heart.  If you had not sorted out the approximate locations of the photos prior to the last two of Skinny, starting with “Sucking” and ending with “Screw” (wow, did I really just type that on this blog?), they are all from Okinawa, Japan.

Typhoon Bolaven crossed the island today, with winds in the neighborhood of 60-80 knots.  That was much lower than expected, although I do not know why, since the eye crossed the northern edge of the island, meaning the majority of the island was in the forward left quadrant (compared to the storm’s movement).  And with that track, the geography of Okinawa does a fine job of protecting the vast majority of the population.

Anyway, enough weather geek talk.

This reflecting pool is in the form of a compass, showing radials to different locations in the western Pacific Ocean.  Each points towards a significant location relating to World War II.


This pool is located in the Okinawa Peace Memorial Park.

It is a somber site, with walls full of engraved names of the fallen, from all nations involved.

And there is just something magical about the light in a tropical evening.

As far as Typhoon Bolaven and the island, I am not worried.  The place is built for it.  We rode out many large storms in our years there, storms that would wreak havoc in any other part of the world.

Like where Tropical Storm Isaac is forecast to strike.


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