Happy Whelping Day

SMK Skynyrd, aka Skynyrd, aka Skinny Man, aka Skinny.

Probably a “Hey You” thrown in once in a while.

He turned 8 years old today.  Definitely the oldest in the house, considering dog years.

But hands-down, still the fastest couch potato.

In a house of couch potatoes.

Skinny, 8 years old

It was a hot one today.  Certainly too hot for the pooch to walk too much.

Pushing 100F (38C), the greyhounds don’t do so well.  And in a land without air conditioning, it can be tricky.  But Skinny does well.

Until we take him out in it.  Then he’s not a happy camper.

Since I wanted to get pictures of him and Goddess together, we decided to head to the forest.  Even though it’s a short way away, Skinny got a ride there so we wouldn’t subject him to too much heat stress.  Plus, it wouldn’t have made for good pictures.

Our intent with the pictures was to not only mark his birth day, but to capture some memories.  A good friend of ours lost her greyhound a month or so ago.  Even though it was halfway around the world, it was painful.  And brought home some realities, especially as Skinny gets older.  One topic of discussion amongst the greyhound community was making sure you got pictures of both you and the hound so you’d have those pictures after the furry friend was gone.

So that’s what we did.

And if you have a furry friend, you should too.


4 thoughts on “Happy Whelping Day”

  1. Lovely shots of both Skinny Man, and Jen. I hate that I waited too long to get pics of me with my girl; good on you guys getting these. That will not happen again to me. Six weeks on Tuesday. 😦

    1. Pam – as painful as it’s been for you, think of it this way – we never would have thought of it until y’all said it. And we wouldn’t have these (and the ones that will get printed and framed for the wall).

      We’re pragmatic about it, knowing that it will come sooner than we’d want. So we’re making sure we have those things that will keep his memory fresh in our minds.


  2. Happy birthday to Skynyrd. Doesn’t look at all like a couch potato. On the contrary he looks like a really healthy dog, and I wish him a long healthy, and happy life. With much fun with his monkey friends. I like the picture too. There is something very vibrant about it.

    1. Shimon – he certainly enjoyed getting his birthday treats.

      He’s quite healthy and we’re in no danger of losing him soon, but when it happens it will be too soon. As far as couch potato, he truly is. He lies around, sleeping the better part of 20 hours of the day. The remaining four hours consist of looking for places to sleep (he’s got five beds in the house), walking to go potty and trying to look desperate for food (which he’s not).

      His monkey friends are quite pleased that they were chosen to hang out with him.

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