Death Pipes

Another weekend of racing here.

Three weeks ago it was Formula 1.

Last week it was at the velodrome.

This week, we’re back at the local track for some drag racing.  Everything from garage built, street legal cars to top fuel dragsters; from sidecar motorcycles to jet-propelled motorcycles.

Needless to say, it’s loud.

And while it’s fun, for me the best part is that the entire arena is open.  That means we can walk down into the paddock amongst all the individual cars, walk right up to them and watch the crews tear down and rebuild the cars between races.

And like every other European event, we’re allowed to bring in bags and other items.  For me, that meant my full camera bag.  For others, it meant small kegs of beer or packs of sandwiches.

Good luck trying that in the States.

While I’m not necessarily a “car guy”, I love art.  And oftentimes cars are works of art, whether it be the lines in the body style or their paint jobs.

This one, named “Grid Girl”, was chock full of both.

Death Pipes

With a name like “Grid Girl” on paint scheme like this, you’d think that there would be a splash of femininity.

There was.  And it was that touch that really grabbed me.

Grid Girl

And there’s not a damn thing wrong with that.


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