Good fun with Goddess, a old virtual, but new IRL, friend, light and predatory birds.


Adlerwarte Berlebeck, Detmold, Germany.

Thanks for the wonderful weekend and fantastic hospitality, Michael.

And for the virtual photography friends that I’ve known for some 6-8 years now, Michael was the closest in distance, but it worked out that he was the last that we’ve met in person.

We are now richer for the meeting.


As Goddess exclaimed – “That looks Photoshopped”, once she saw it on the screen, although she saw me take the picture and pull it up on the computer without doing anything to it.

Photo details – ambient underexposed 1.5 stops (purposefully), 580 EX II on full power.  Canon 5Dm2, EF 24-70/2.8L, ISO100 @ 1/1600.  You can see the flash in the eyeglasses of all the people in the background.

Thanks for letting me play with the toy, Michael!

3 thoughts on “Approach”

    1. Thank you, Shimon. It was a wonderful get together, reminiscent of ours.

      Your name came up many times over the weekend. Michael (micdt) knew of you through dA.

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