Dawg’s Life

Today’s July 4th, so it’s Independence Day for the United States.

Here in Germany, it’s Wednesday.  But we make do.

Here’s our wonderful greyhound, Skinny (his official racing name was SMK Skynyrd, whose siblings were SMK Rush and SMK Zeppelin), enjoying the cool evening air after his dinner.

Plus, he has to recover from his 16 hours of sleeping thus far in the day.

It is a rough life.

But as Skinny is fast approaching his eighth birthday, he deserves it.

Lucky Dawg

Strobist info: Taken at dusk (visible in his eye).  Two bare-bulb remote flashes about 10′ away.  One just off upper left, one lower left.

5 thoughts on “Dawg’s Life”

  1. He sleeps like a pro. Maybe you should give him a sleeping name similar to his racing name. Then he could truly sleep in style.

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