You know, driving out ahead of cyclists for 5-6 hours is draining.  So sometimes you need a sandwich.


That’s Bobbie in the background, waiting for the breakaway group of six that was a few minutes ahead of the peleton.  A true artist in her own right, making amazing baked creations.

And if you have never had the chance to see a professional cycling race, you would be absolutely amazed at the amount of support vehicles involved.  Even some 20-30 minutes before the lead racers pass by, vehicles are already passing.  Their purpose?  Who knows.


4 thoughts on “Reaching”

  1. to protect the cyclists from maniacs on the road. Glad they’re there. Though maybe it’s a little dangerous to be eating a sandwich on a bike…

    1. Perhaps. Although they certainly don’t keep the maniacs off the road, as we’ve seen a few times already this week.

      Even for us, we’re mindful of where we are in relation to the cyclists. But sometimes they surprise us, especially if one hops off the road onto the shoulder for one reason or another.

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