Not a Bad Way

…to start the day.

Here’s the view that I have every morning (well, when the sun is out, which is 50/50 this time of year in Germany).

Not a bad way to start the day

After ~20 minutes of riding through the relatively dark, cool forest, the path quickly opens to farmland.  If the sun’s out, like it was this morning, the feel changes immediately.

But the view is always beautiful.

And makes me thankful that Goddess lets me commute by bicycle to and from work.

Since that was a great way to start the day, it’s only fair that there be a musical diversion to end the day.

Jamiroquai – Live at Paleo (Complete Concert | 2010)

2 thoughts on “Not a Bad Way”

    1. Shimon – it is a wonderful view. I’ve been flying past it for almost three years now, but today was the first time I stopped and took a moment.

      It is quite warm. It was ~15C at the time this picture was taken and it topped out ~28C. Pleasant weather, but a bit too warm for my taste when I’m riding or running.

      Goddess returns the regards. We do hope that all is well with you. I have a nice scotch that I picked up in Scotland that I’d love to sit down and share with you.

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