While in London, I took any opportunity I could to shoot the two most famous forms of transit – the double-decker buses and the cabs.

Here’s a queue of London cabs with the St Pancras International railway station as a backdrop.


Thanks to Goddess for tolerating me getting this shot.

I originally envisioned it from the balcony of the British National Library, which is behind me in this shot.  Once we were done seeing great world-changing original documents like the Magna Carta and a Gutenberg Bible (complete with an accompanying original Indulgence, two related objects that, through either technology or words, were key to the Protestant Reformation), I drug her down the side street so I could spend the next 20 minutes or so working out several different compositions.

Granted, she enjoyed the sun and 75F (24C) warmth.

But she’s still my Goddess.


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