The picture below is from one of the most unique experiences we had in Jerusalem.  Certainly an experience we wouldn’t have had had we not been spending the day walking the city with Shimon.

As we walked our way through a shopping district, stopping to share smokes with a photogenic guy, on our way to an extremely busy market full of a city getting ready for the Sabbath, we stumbled across this scene.


The two gentlemen on the right of the image are Haredi, otherwise known as Ultra-Orthodox Jews.  They were likely walking down the street when they were approached by the man on the left.  While we have no idea how the conversation began, it progressed to this point where the gentleman to the left asked for their help in prayer.

The Haredi carry Phylacteries, also knows as Telfillin, which contain small scrolls of Torah verses.  The scrolls are held within boxes that are strapped to the left arm and head, which you can see on the gentleman to the left.  Click on the links to read more about them at Wikipedia, plus see some interesting photos.

Once the Telfillin were placed, the two gentlemen stood quietly by while the third prayed vigorously, in his own world, surrounded by a bustling city.

Less than ten minutes later, the two Haredi  were on their way, having taken a small part of their day to help a brother reconnect.


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