Canon Customer Service

In a word – Wonderful!

You might recall that I had an incident with my Canon G12 last month.  If you missed it, no big deal.  I didn’t make a big deal out of it.  Stuff happens.

Short story shorter – it didn’t like being dropped.  Everything appeared to function, but no image would show on the screen (although the menus and overlays displayed just fine).  So I snapped a few pictures and ended up with black screens.  Something was clearly knocked loose.

So before we plunked out money on a replacement (I like the G12 enough as a pocket camera that I’d buy another one), I decided to send it in to Canon to get an estimate on repairs.  Drops are not covered under warranty and I was clear that it was a drop, so there was no doubt for them what happened.

Two weeks after they received it, it was on its way back.

No charge.

Covered under warranty.


But I’ll admit, a tiny bit of my brain was hoping that it was going to be an expensive fix.  Especially once Canon announced the soon-to-be released G1x:

Same form factor as the G12, but rocking an almost APS-C sized CMOS sensor.


2 thoughts on “Canon Customer Service”

  1. This is wonderful news, and another reason to admire this camera. And I believe it is an excellent tool… even if they are coming up with something even more impressive. Of course, the G1X has a zoom that is only 4x, whereas the G12 has 5x. I think you should be very pleased to have the G12 back, and use it more now!

    1. Shimon – it is good to have it back. I’ve only popped off a couple of test shots to see how everything was, plus had to reset all of the settings. Basically, it was a new camera, except for the scuffs that we had already put on it.

      re: 4x vs 5x – rarely, if ever, do I use the zoom to that extent, so I don’t know if I’d miss that. But you’re right, the G12 is an excellent tool.

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