A young Haredi girl, watching the activity on the street.


In this case, she’s watching quite a bit of hustle and bustle involving a protest of city buses moving through the Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of Me’a She’arim.  The buses themselves weren’t so much the issue, but the content of the advertisements on the sides of the buses caused the ruckus.  The protests were by the older kids and adults like the shadowy figure in the foreground.

In the grand scheme of things, this is my second favorite photo of the entire trip.

I’ve yet to post my favorite.


6 thoughts on “Observing”

  1. This is a truly beautiful picture, Bill. And I don’t remember if I told you when I first saw the picture, but what is on that poster there, to her right, is a prayer for ‘salvation’. It makes the picture very special. I love it.

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