Rainy Wall

Rainy Wall

הכותל המערבי

A powerful place, regardless of your beliefs.

Shot with my Canon G12, which gave me many of my most favorite shots from this trip.  Unfortunately, it did not like the sudden deceleration caused by the floor today.


8 thoughts on “Rainy Wall”

      1. Thank you, Marina.

        Honestly, no need to be sorry. It is what it is. I’ll send it in to get fixed. And if that’s too expensive, get another (yes, I like this camera that much).

        The reason it’s so easy to keep it in perspective is that I’ve been photographing quite seriously for almost 25 years and this would be the first camera I’ve had to send in for a repair. So we’ll just see how it goes.

  1. a very beautiful photograph of this site. I have seen so many… and this one, is unique in its beauty. I was so saddened by the thought of the G12’s mishap, last night… but coming back to the picture today… I am comforted by the image.

    1. Thank you, Shimon.

      I actually was inspired by the request to not take photos down on the grounds, which I took to heart every day we were there. It made for a bit of a challenge, but a welcome one.

      I was hoping to get a quality one of both the wall and the Dome of the Rock, but none pleased me. Looked too postcard-ish.

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