Future Dreams

Jerusalem is full of children.

Children full of hopes and dreams.

Children with a full life ahead of them.

Regardless of their ancestry, their upbringing, or their beliefs.

They’re children.



Future Dreams

I have read, and have heard in polite company, the discussion of the “Palestinian Problem”.  I find that description extremely distasteful, considering that it was only 70 years ago that there was discussion of “The Jewish Problem“, even in the United States.

The bottom line, regardless of which side of the fence that you sit, is that there are hundreds of thousands of people that are either willing to live in harmony with the other side, or willing to see the other side forcibly ejected from their homes.  Or worse.

All based on family history.


2 thoughts on “Future Dreams”

    1. Marina – The most beautiful part about the image is the part that you can’t see. I was standing right next to Shimon, who has a completely different viewpont on the situation that the parents of the boys in the image.

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