Well, it’s the start of the Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) season, so we went local, starting in our own town.

Actually here it’s an Adventsmarkt (Advent Market), only held on the weekend of Advent, which always coincides with our Thanksgiving weekend.

So after the turkey, it’s glühwein.

For the next month plus!

Whoo hooo!!!!

But our disappointment tonight with our local market was that the one thing we were really looking forward to, the butcher, didn’t happen.  He wasn’t there.

While we have access to quality butchers year ’round here, this guy and this time of year, is special.

Because we can get smoked horse meat.

Don’t get squeamish.  It’s incredible.

Absolutely incredible.

It’s even a delicacy in the regions around Venice, where we’ve paid a nice price for some amazing dishes.

But alas, he wasn’t here tonight.

So we’ll try again tomorrow.  Hopefully it’s not drizzling.

And maybe the merry-go-round will have more than just one kid riding it.

Weinachtsmarkt Zoom


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