On Thanksgiving Day, just as any other day, there are many things that I am thankful for.

But one group of people that I am most thankful for are my brothers and sisters downrange, spending time away from their families.

Sure, they chose to be there.

But they chose to be there so that their families would be safe at home.

So that complete strangers would be safe at home.

Strangers that are free to protest anything that moves.

Because that’s they’re right.

A right protected by a few.

Those brothers and sisters are their protection.

But those brothers and sisters need protection wherever they are.

They get it through training and preparedness.

But all of that won’t protect them from everything.

But these bits of concrete help.

I swear that if I never saw another t-wall, as they are called, it would be too soon.

But if asked to serve again, to serve my brothers and sisters, I will.

Knowing that these walls help protect me.


Goddess and I won’t be partaking in too many Thanksgiving Day activities, instead choosing to push them to Saturday so dear friends can participate.

But we will spend the day thinking of those brothers and sisters whom we are thankful for.


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